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A Fashion Muse

A Fashion Muse: Zadig & Voltaire

A place that inspires us is Zadig & Voltaire. The store helps us achieve the flowing of creative juices and also steps in as retail therapy after a particularly demanding week. Luckily for us, their only location in Colorado just happens to be in Aspen. It’s a not-too-long and utterly breathtaking drive from our office. Yes!  

KKD finds that sometimes creativity tends to flow best when you remove yourself from the grind for a few hours and just let your mind wander. You know, be present in the “now.” With Zadig & Voltaire’s clean, minimalist store lines and well laid out displays, it’s easy to simply let go and let the fashion do the talking. And, we believe their inviting store design is strategic. That is to say, it does not detract one bit from the ensemble of their fashion-forward collections.

Girls Can Do Anything Shirt with Attitude

Any amount of time perusing through our local Zadig & Voltaire store tends to bring us to a state of complete calm and creative bliss. It’s amazing what design ideas can materialize while the smooth feeling of modal fabric glides through your hands. And, a mindset truly after our own hearts, Zadig & Voltaire’s “About page describes their office headquarters (in Paris) beautifully. For instance, they describe the lovely juxtaposition of the office’s contemporary art and furniture that takes place amidst the backdrop of its four-story embodiment of a classic Parisian building: soaring ceilings, intricate crown molding, and original woodwork. Not only does that juxtaposition resonate with us, but the fact that they not only say where their headquarters are located, but also describe the style and design of both the building and the office, itself… Well, that’s music to our design + build ears. 

Zadig & Voltaire Aspen Store

The Zadig & Voltaire Aspen store interior.

The “Tee”

One of our mid-summer outings to Zadig & Voltaire produced a new company tee (and maybe even motto!). Coming from an all-female firm, their “Girls Can Do Anything” line supplies just the right hint of motivation and empowerment. It helps remind us that we have all the tools we need to tackle any new project that comes our way. And, a bonus for us – one such project will be taking place in Aspen in the not-too-distant future. So, it looks like we’ll continue seeing plenty of Zadig & Voltaire at their Aspen location as that project unfolds.

Meanwhile, we’ll carry on our quest to let fashion inspire us and be our muse throughout the KKD design process.

* “Girls Can Do Anything” tee photography by the amazing Brent Bingham!