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Interior Designer in Vail Valley

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Residential Design Services

We all dream of coming home to a space that feels like our sanctuary away from the rest of the world. At Kasia Karska Design, we have spent the past nearly 25 years combining fashion, fine art, interior design, and architecture to bring you residential design services that achieve exactly that—your own personal sanctuary. Experience the difference of coming home to a space you long for when you’re away and one that you find difficult to leave.

What are Residential Interior Design Firms?

We provide design services that go beyond the finishing touches. Design services at this level include layout design, architectural design, and interior design. Design-build firms provide the most comprehensive expertise. Because of the wide breadth of residential design services that firms like ours provide, we are often instrumental additions to modern renovations, historical preservations, and new construction projects.

Benefits of Interior Design Services

Professional designers are crucial components in commercial builds, but do you really need one for your home? What are the benefits of investing in residential design services?


When you first started your renovations or new construction project, you probably had a solid picture in your mind of what you wanted. Over time, however, you may find that interior design becomes another item on your to-do list that you’d like to complete quickly so that you can move in. Hiring a professional takes the burden off of you. You are involved as little or as much as you want to be. But, at the end of the day, none of the headaches are yours—just the fun.


We create a cohesive design throughout your home that is intentionally thought out from start to finish. This improves the functionality, flow, and aesthetics of your home, so it is more enjoyable. Our focus on cohesiveness begins at the very start of the project, before any construction work commences. We’ll start with a layout design/floor plan and work your preferred materials into it. Planning ahead like this will create a more cohesive as well as functional home.


Most of our clients hire us to design their second homes. These homes are often used for hosting large gatherings and are sometimes rented out to visitors when not in use. Hiring professionals to stage a livable home ensures a good impression on guests and any potential renters.

Why Choose Us

We understand that when our clients look for residential design services, there are many options for them to choose from. So, why work with our team at Kasia Karska Design?

Seamless Service

Most big renovations and redesigns, as well as new builds, involve working with an architect, designer, and a builder. These professionals must then work together to produce one vision. We ensure an even more seamless production process that preserves your vision by handling it all in-house.

Cost Savings

We primarily work with clients who have a moderate to high-end budget to invest in their homes. Even so, no one likes to overpay. Our team reduces costs by purchasing items at trade prices for our clients. We also save time by handling all the sourcing in-house.

Superb Accountability

From floorplan to furnishings to finishes, we handle all aspects of the project. Consequently, we are also the general contractor on the site. We are in charge of and are fastidiously tracking the full scope of the project. We hold ourselves accountable and encourage our clients to hold us accountable, too, while we bring fresh interior design ideas to your home.

Diverse Decor

Everyone has their own aesthetic preferences, and not all designers can bring them to life. Our Polish-born owner began her career in Europe before moving to New York City and then to Vail, Colorado. From European chalet to beach retreat to mountain cabin, we’ve got you covered. We can comfortably work in any aesthetic and are happy to do so.

Enviable Experience

How many designers can claim to be in the business for almost 25 years? We can. Our owner, Kasia, has worked with clients in dozens of cities worldwide and across America. Many of these locations have been where her former homes were, as well.

How to Get Started

Would you like to benefit from the calming properties of Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui in your home? Check out our online portfolio to get a feel for our residential design services. Then, send us an email with some details on your project.