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Kasia fashion outfit with Louis Vuitton bag and motorcyle

Spring Outfit Inspiration

Spring is in the air! And, we are starting to slowly open things up a bit more across the country and within our state of Colorado. With that, we thought a fun, airy, thoughtful post on spring outfit inspiration would be an excellent feel-good option right now for all the fashion-lovers out there.  So, whether you’re still maintaining quite a bit of social distance or whether you’re starting to venture out, we all want to feel stylish and confident. And, that...

Singletree Remodel - Standing tub master room sanctuary space

Your Home as Your Sanctuary

What better time than now to transform your home into your own personal sanctuary? After all, each of us is spending quite a bit more time in our homes these days than what is typically our norm. So, why not take a little extra time to transform your space into one of tranquility, a space that exudes peace, and one that is organized in a way that is conducive to whatever needs you have. KK Design’s owner and lead designer, Kasia,...

The Lion Classic Blue Bedroom

Pantone Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue

Whether you avidly follow or merely glance at Pantone’s Color of the Year each year, it is always interesting to see what is bound to pop up in trends all over the design and fashion industries. The analysis that goes behind each “Pantone Color of the Year” selection is certainly intriguing. This year’s “Pantone Color of the Year” is “Classic Blue.” As far as the color of the year selections we, at Kasia Karska Design (your go-to for Vail...

Vail 21 Pops of Color

Pops of Color Enhancing Design

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, color often enters the mind in the form of reds, pinks, and purples. So, what better way to usher in Valentine's Day this year than with a blog post dedicated to those cupid-centric pops of colors. Not to mention the use of color within interior design, in general. Over the years, Kasia Karska Design - a Vail interior designer, as well as a design-build firm - has often used pops of color...

Indoor/Outdoor Space

Kasia Karska, owner and lead designer of her eponymous firm Kasia Karska Design, has a trademark design that all of her clients have loved over the years: indoor/outdoor space. When designing and then building a home from the ground up, Kasia almost always incorporates a seamless transition from the indoor space to the outdoor space. Especially in the mountains of Colorado, with our beautiful weather in the spring/summer/fall and stunning views year-round, clients truly desire having accessible, well-designed outdoor spaces...

Renewable Energy: Solar

[caption id="attachment_169" align="alignnone" width="4032"] Solar panels we installed up at a Leadville fishing ranch project - these panels power the entire barn that is on the property.[/caption] Going green has been trending across multiple industries for awhile now, and with good reason. At KK Design, we love our environment and try to do our part to be a green-conscious and sustainably oriented company. That’s one of the reasons that our current ranch project in Leadville, Colorado is going to be 100%...