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BJD custom home kitchen with barstools, countertop, windows backsplash all head on

Recent KKD “Design Insight” Features/Publications

We are proud to say we've been sought after to provide design insight and tips within many publications. Below is a list of a few of the more recent articles/publications in which Kasia Karska Design has appeared. There will be a small explanation of the topic of each publication, as well as the link to the article. That way if you want to explore the topic in more depth, you need look no further than here. Redfin Blog: "Create a...

Baan Jai Dee custom home entryway with stone, large format tile, metal, and wood

Transform your Home into a Sanctuary (7 Tips Included)

Who wouldn't want to have a home that is so incredibly tailored to their needs, so intentionally designed and styled in such a way that when you step foot in it, an immediate sigh of contentment escapes your lips? That's what happens when you transform your home into your own personal sanctuary. After all, most of us spend a lot of time within the walls of our home. We don't want things to feel thrown together or disorganized. We don’t...

Kasia in beige coat - Cropped

Winter Fashion Inspiration

The wind may be biting and the snow may be swirling, but just because it is winter, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo fashion. KK Design’s owner, lead designer, and GC, Kasia, believes that you can look sleek and stylish no matter the season or the temperature. And she is here to share some winter fashion inspiration.    Kasia is our beautiful model, as well as the stylist for the below outfits featured in these photos. Yes, she is a...

Kasia of Kasia Karska Design standing in front of the entrance to her home (which she designed and built herself)

A Holiday Note

As 2020 is coming to a close, we at Kasia Karska Design wanted to take a moment to reflect on the year with a little holiday note. It has certainly been a year of ups and downs for all of us - a year unlike any other. But through a world-wide pandemic, we at KKD have stayed safe, have remained open, and continue to do what we love most - design sanctuaries for our clients. And, without you - our...

The Lion Vail Condo Dining Room with Chandelier

Three Tips to Achieve Great Lighting

Lighting – it’s one of those things that you don’t necessarily notice much when it’s designed well and doing what it’s supposed to be doing. However, when it comes to bad lighting or a lack of lighting, the issues tend to be overtly obvious. That’s why it is so crucial to take advantage of the expertise of someone who has seen countless lighting scenarios and knows just what your space needs are in order to both maximize natural light, as...

Spring Outfit Inspiration

Spring is in the air! And, we are starting to slowly open things up a bit more across the country and within our state of Colorado. With that, we thought a fun, airy, thoughtful post on spring outfit inspiration would be an excellent feel-good option right now for all the fashion-lovers out there.  So, whether you’re still maintaining quite a bit of social distance or whether you’re starting to venture out, we all want to feel stylish and confident. And, that...