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Special Love notes on the table

Celebrating a Month of Love & Women

Placing loving touches in your home

Though gender roles continue to evolve, traditionally, women have been credited for their nesting instincts and their attention toward creating a warm, inviting, homey atmosphere. So, as February — the month of love — ends and we celebrate feminine energy through International Women’s Day on March 8, we thought we’d highlight several ways to put those special, loving touches into your home.

Freshen your home with flowers

Fresh flowers provide everyone with a feeling that they’re special — whether you buy them for yourself, your guests or your significant other (or, vice versa). And, spring is the perfect time to showcase blooms in your entryway, living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and/or guest rooms. 

Orchids add a sense of elegance with their clean, yet ornate blooms; you may have an orchid you’ve nurtured for years that’s about to bloom, or you might purchase a new one. 

White pairs well with neutral décor and furnishings, whereas colors, like purples, excite the senses indoors or outdoors, reminding everyone of the upcoming warm months. Remember, you don’t have to stop at just one orchid plant; a wall of multiple varieties — or placing various orchids around the house — is stunning.

Other popular spring blooms include tulips, daffodils, peonies, calla lilies, daisies, and extraordinary-smelling lilacs and jasmine.

Setting a table is a form of functional art — it’s an endeavor that takes inspiration, some time, and care. Designing a pleasing tablescape sets a loving and warm tone in which to enjoy meals with family and friends. Of course, candles and fresh flowers always enhance tables, whether it’s a vase of tulips at the breakfast bar or a floral arrangement filled with colorful blooms and greenery. Hint: Keep flower arrangements low for dining tables so that guests can see each other and converse easily over the flowers. Adding two arrangements at each end of the table, rather than just as a centerpiece, also creates a unique visual statement.

Add a love note

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day, a birthday or an anniversary to express your love. You might tuck a little note or handmade card into your significant other’s pillow, or set a special place setting during breakfast or dinner with a handpicked card. We like to punctuate cards with a blown-glass heart paperweight. Red, the associated color of love, pops when paired with a simple background, like a gray placemat or solid pillowcase. And, don’t forget the candlelight.

Of course, notes of adoration aren’t reserved for significant others; consider placing a note expressing your love and appreciation for your kids in their packed lunches or on their pillowcases. You can also express your gratitude for guests with special cards welcoming them in their guest room.

Brighten your sofas and beds

Throw pillows are a quick and easy way to brighten your living room and bedrooms as spring approaches. Choose your favorite colors — or tones that match the surrounding artwork — and neatly place the cozy pillows on a sofa or bed. Feel free to incorporate complementary patterns, as well as textures, into your selection.

Display tribal or cultural objects

Consider adding visual interest and intrigue to your entryway or table with African beaded necklaces or handcrafted pottery. Vessels represent the feminine quality of being receptive, while jewelry makes us feel special through a sense of adornment. So, in addition to adorning your own body with wonderful gems, beads, and metals, consider decorating your table with an artistic design.

And, don’t forget: Pottery and vases also look great on table settings in the dining room.

Incorporate other feminine artistic displays

Whether you honor a special statue with fresh flowers or beads or create soft, dimensional wall art out of colorful scarves, there’s plenty of room for creativity throughout your home. Consider textures and colors that inspire you and your family, and find your own way to express your personality and artistic flair.