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Kasia Karska Design is a boutique design + build firm located in the Vail Valley, Colorado. We focus on the design and build of unique environments for infinite potential, tranquility, and inspiration.

Luxury custom homes are beautiful to glance upon, but only a few know how many moving pieces come into play when building one. The rigorous planning and the meticulous designs are the tips of the iceberg. When you dive headfirst into this journey, there are many things you must think about.

What can make this process even more daunting is running back and forth between your architect, GC, and interior designer. Not to mention that finding a great architect, general contractor, and interior designer can be a time-consuming and challenging process itself. But what if we told you that Kasia Karska Design offers them all in one?

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Immerse yourself in our curated selection of unique artworks and stunning furniture pieces at our new gallery and showroom location.

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We hired Kasia to guide the remodel of our home. Her work was impeccable. Kasia has a great sense of color, space and design. She worked well with our contractor and subcontractors. When we were unsure about a recommendation we trusted her and invariably she was right. The end product exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend her.

- Stewarts

Design + Build

Who Are We?

Kasia Karska Design is a design-build firm located in the heart of the Vail Valley. The mountains of Colorado are full of gorgeous homes, and we’re proud to say that we’re responsible for quite a few.

We take the utmost care in ensuring that each of our client’s homes becomes their own personal sanctuary. And because each home is entirely tailored to the individual client, they are all one-of-a-kind and entirely unique. We get to know our clients well and encourage them to be an active part of the design process in order to build their dream home, their personal sanctuary. Thanks to our approach, many clients have trusted us with the design and build of their homes.

Curious what our process looks like?

Our Services

Kasia Karska Design is a boutique design + build firm located in the Vail Valley, Colorado. We focus on the design and build of unique environments for infinite potential, tranquility, and inspiration. Our services include:

Custom Home Builders

Architectural Design

Residential Design

Commercial Design

Conceptual Design

Our Process + Services

Design + Build

The Benefits of Joining Forces with Kasia Karska Design

Vail Colorado architects

Your home should be your happy place, and the design and build process should feel effortless and enjoyable. Our strengths at KKD lie in our comprehensive approach. We understand that when our clients look for someone to design and build their dream home, there are many options for them to choose from. So, why work with our team at Kasia Karska Design?

  • Seamless Service – we handle both the design and construction in-house
  • Constant Communication in all phases of the design and build
  • A unique home that is a perfect reflection of you
  • In-depth understanding of your requirements
  • Nearly 25 years of experience
  • Multi-faceted approach with additional studies in the traditions of Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui Eastern design principles

Why Choose Us?

There are many different reasons as to why you should consider Kasia Karska Design as your design-build firm. We’ve had clients from all over the world, so our portfolio is very diverse. Our Polish-born owner began her career in Europe. Then, she made her way to New York City where she established her firm. Years later, she moved her business to Vail, Colorado and has been in the Vail Valley ever since. Because of these varied locations and, therefore, design styles, Kasia Karska Design can do everything from chalets to beach retreats to mountain cabins to modern homes.

Another reason why Kasia Karska Design should be your go-to firm is our approach. We only take on a few projects a year so that we can focus on you – our client. We want to get to know you well beforehand. This is so that we can create a home that becomes your own personal sanctuary – one that is specific to your lifestyle and your needs. It also allows us to offer nothing but superb customer service.

The third and most significant reason is the fact that we also focus on Eastern design principles. By employing Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra in our designs, we aim to create harmonious homes. This will make you love your home – it will become a space you long for when you’re away and that you find difficult to leave.

How Are We Different from the Competition?

Design, Architecture, Construction & Furnishing

One driving factor as to why our clients seek us out is the fact that we handle all phases of the home design and build. There is no challenge too big because we have the tools and the motivation to build the home of your dreams. We strive to create unique environments for our clients, full of infinite potential, tranquility, and inspiration.

Since we’ll take care of everything in-house, the entire design-build process with us is very seamless. First, we handle the conceptual and architectural plan sets. Once everything is approved, we move on to the building phase as a general contractor. We’ll then wrap up a project by finalizing any finishes, as well as providing furnishings, art, and accessories. 

Our team is full of perfectionists, so we leave no stone unturned. At Kasia Karska Design, we focus on the details so we best reflect your personality in your home. And, being a women-run business gives us the advantage of being empathetic throughout the entire process.

If you’re ready to build a home that’s unique to your lifestyle, goals, and vision, reach out today. For those willing to invest in their future, Kasia Karska Design’s doors are always open. We look forward to helping you design and build the home of your dreams, your own personal sanctuary.

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