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Hermès: A Perfect Example of the Fusion of Fashion + Design

Hermès is one of KK Design’s favorites. They have a wide assortment of impeccably designed pieces. They do bold and beautiful patterns. And their scarves, in particular, are irresistible to many.

A great example of their elegant patterns and the exquisite work their artists do is seen in the “Baobab Cat Scarf,” as well as in their “Animaux Camoufles” wallpaper (both pictured below). Obviously, one is an accessory for your body and the other is an adornment for your wall. However, there are some striking similarities between the two: within the composition and the use of color, as well as the use of white, to name a couple. They both have a summertime feel with the color palette. And, a carefree and uplifting feeling bubbles to the surface from the whimsical subjects that are the focus of both the scarf and wallpaper design. This is what we would call the perfect example of what we believe to be the fusion of fashion + design.

Hermes Scarf design: Baobab Cat Scarf 90 -

Hermès Scarf: Baobab Cat Scarf 90 –

Hermes Wallpaper design: Animaux Camoufles -

Hermès Wallpaper design: Animaux Camoufles –

 And a highly practical, yet still aesthetically appealing design tip from our Owner + Lead Designer, Kasia, is this: when you have an abundant and beautiful collection of Hermès (or other) scarves, she believes it’s a shame to hide them in a drawer or store them in a closet. Why not, instead, display them as the works of art they are?

That is exactly what Kasia did in this bedroom. A stunning display of scarves on beautifully carved wooden ladders adds a dash of color to the room, is a perfect decoration for the wall, and is practical in the sense that when you want to don one of these scarves yourself, no shuffling through the drawer or searching in the depths of your closet. Rather, they are easily accessible and visible – the quick and perfect addition to any outfit.

Shambala Scarves Display on Carved Wooden Ladders

Kasia’s Scarves Display on Carved Wooden Ladders


In conclusion, once you start looking for how fashion and design are in constant conversation with each other, it’s easy to see and effortless to note that the fusion of fashion + design is all around us.

**This is not a sponsored Hermès post – we just love them!  

Also, please feel free to visit our site – specifically our portfolio – to see more of Kasia beautiful designs: Kasia’s Portfolio. If you’d like even more information, please get in touch with us. We are always happy to help and overjoyed when clients reach out to us.