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Our Process

Our Process

1: Meet + Consult

All Kasia Karska Design projects begin with a face-to-face client consultation. This allows us to develop a relationship with you, the client, and visually understand your needs, experiences, personality, and behaviors. Through the consultation, we are able to foster a deepening understanding of the design goal you wish to achieve. Then we can develop an overall client brief to use throughout the design process.

2: Develop + Research

As soon as all initial client meetings have been completed, the project hits the development stage. Our design team works diligently to analyze the task at hand and develop a space based on your goals we initially addressed. We brainstorm, research and conceptualize ideas for the new and improved space, focusing on our client’s behavioral patterns and lifestyle in order to create your very own sanctuary.

3: Design + Plan

Once we finish collecting the research and developing the framework of the plans, we head to the drawing board to realize the vision. Spatial analysis plans, mood boards, technical drawings and renderings are prepared step by step. All the while, KKD maintains the integrity of the project as a whole. Through these technical drafts, we work to address the client needs in a functional manner and then apply them to the space of the project. A healthy relationship and a strong level of communication is important with our client, as we work together to achieve the final plan.

4: Build + Furnish

The final step in our design process, and the most rewarding, is the outcome. At this stage all design-build factors have been objectively and subjectively analyzed. Together, with our team of subcontractors and us at the helm as your general contractor, we work to synthesize competing demands of the design-build process, while honoring the needs of our client. It is in this final step that we apply these needs and demands to the real world through the application of finalized plans, ultimately enhancing our client’s quality of life through an improved environment that becomes their own personal sanctuary.

Custom Home Builders

At Kasia Karska Design we truly believe that your home is your sanctuary. And when you use KKD as your custom home designer and builder, we will help you achieve just that – your own personal sanctuary. Whether you are building a completely new structure or doing a major renovation, you likely want a home that fits your unique specifications and tastes. With a custom-designed and custom-constructed home, you will finally have a personal oasis that truly fits your needs and lifestyle.

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Through research and identification of fundamental ideas, KKD works to develop a new architectural DNA. It is then connected with our client’s needs and desired experiences. Our end goal is to create an architectural space that inspires an enriched lifestyle through a built environment.

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Residential Design

From contemporary to traditional and mountain to modern, KKD truly believes that your environment serves as a reflection of who you are. Whether it be a new build or a simple remodel, we utilize a variety of elements to reinforce the essential ideas of you. From there, we incorporate those ideas into your new home.

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Commercial Design

We conduct a thorough investigation of the space at hand and the activities that are set to occur within it. Next, KKD envisions specific situations and a set of experiences in order to design a space that will not only accommodate, but enhance your guest’s future visits.

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Conceptual Design

Often times, our clients want conceptual renders to give them a more visually accessible approach to seeing what a project would look like. More often than not, these designs will then turn into a physical project. However, sometimes all the client needs is just the conceptual design itself, which we are more than happy to provide.

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