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The Use of Vaastu Shastra + Feng Shui in Design

Vaastu shastra and feng shui play an active role in Kasia’s design techniques (KK Design’s Owner and Senior Designer). When it comes to vaastu shastra and feng shui, she is a wealth of knowledge and seamlessly incorporates the principles into her projects. Whether a new build/custom home or a simple remodel, Kasia is very passionate about including both of these Eastern philosophies into her design work. And, because of her studies in vaastu shastra and feng shui, she adds a unique and multifaceted approach to each project she tackles.  

But, what exactly are vaastu shastra and feng shui, you may ask?

We’ll briefly explain in the most simplistic of terms. Vaastu shastra literally translates to “science of architecture” and is a traditional Hindu architecture system. There are a multitude of texts that describe the principles behind “the science of architecture,” including the suggested design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, spatial geometry, directional orientation, etc. It is essentially used to eliminate negative energies and enhance positive energies around us and is a highly regarded system within India.

Feng shui is a Chinese system of thought used to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy. This philosophy is typically more familiar to the Western world. However, there are certainly similarities within both systems and Kasia enjoys applying her knowledge of both within each of her designs. She asserts that you can feel the harmony and balance in homes and spaces that use both systems and, because of this, she is diligent in incorporating both during her design process.

Shambala Library

*Photo by: Brent Bingham Photography

Below, Kasia accounts for one small example of the use of these principles:

“You can add happiness into a space with color, for example. Or with how you place furnishings or even with particular objects (accessories) that make you, personally, smile. And, to each their own – everyone has different things/people/experiences/places that make them happy. For instance, in the quadrant of happiness in feng shui, I incorporated a fly-fishing rod into a design for one of my clients because his “happy place” is being on the river fishing. It has made a huge difference in his happiness while he is present in his office space that we created for him. I believe that as we all create our own happiness, we create our own spaces.”

For more specific information about how KK Design uses the principles of vaastu shastra and feng shui within our design, please refer to our Houzz article: Draw on Eastern Principles for Inspired Home Design.

Also, please feel free to visit our portfolio to see just how well and how beautifully Kasia blends vaastu shastra and feng shui into her design process.

If you’d like even more information or are curious if these Eastern principles can be incorporated into a project of your own, please get in touch with us. We are always happy to help. And we are overjoyed when clients reach out to us with an interest in these energy-balancing principles.