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Shot of High end Kasia karska design home

Best Home Designs of 2022

For Vail Valley homeowners, Kasia Karska Design provides breathtaking and personalized sanctuaries that speak boldly of their inhabitants. It's by these carefully selected standards that our design process flourishes. To stay highly adaptive to our client’s wishes, we've been keeping our eyes on a few of the most popular 2022 interior design home trends that resonate with us. Back to Nature Nature-inspired design has always been prominent, but it is making an even stronger impression on recent home designs. And, it's not...

Baan Jai Dee custom home entryway with stone, large format tile, metal, and wood

Transform your Home into a Sanctuary (7 Tips Included)

Who wouldn't want to have a home that is so incredibly tailored to their needs, so intentionally designed and styled in such a way that when you step foot in it, an immediate sigh of contentment escapes your lips? That's what happens when you transform your home into your own personal sanctuary. After all, most of us spend a lot of time within the walls of our home. We don't want things to feel thrown together or disorganized. We don’t...