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Best Home Designs of 2022

For Vail Valley homeowners, Kasia Karska Design provides breathtaking and personalized sanctuaries that speak boldly of their inhabitants. It’s by these carefully selected standards that our design process flourishes. To stay highly adaptive to our client’s wishes, we’ve been keeping our eyes on a few of the most popular 2022 interior design home trends that resonate with us.

Back to Nature

Designer home showing shambala winter windows

Nature-inspired design has always been prominent, but it is making an even stronger impression on recent home designs. And, it’s not hard to see why. Even people attempting to beautify spaces in Denver and other urban settings embrace the philosophy of biophilia—a “love of life/living things”—to guide their approaches to happier and healthier designs and safer buildings.

We have a few favorite ways that we accomplish nature-inspired design within our own projects. We are huge fans of floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. This design approach allows us to capture the stunning views of the Vail Valley landscape, as well as provides a feeling of closeness to the natural world. We also love Sierra Pacific’s Lift and Slide Door technology. This amazing product provides a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces, allowing our clients to effortlessly float in between the interior and exterior of their homes—bringing them closer to nature.   

Material selection is another excellent way in which you can achieve nature-inspired design. There are so many beautiful products out there these days. Natural, textured, and cozy fabrics for upholstered furniture, decorative pillows, and throws are a great option. You can also incorporate natural surfaces like marble, stoneware, and wood. These raw, porous, and imperfect organic materials mimic the ambiance of the outdoors and draw you back to nature. 

When it comes to home design within the mountains, we believe that the natural beauty long enjoyed by Rocky Mountain communities influences an equally natural design that subtly emphasizes the abundant splendor around us.

The function of natural design is also paramount as more seek to surround themselves and their families with materials free of harsh chemicals. With so many people reevaluating what it truly means to be healthy, they are looking at how the environments we inhabit can better sustain us. And they are longing for their homes to become their sanctuaries.

We offer our deep knowledge and love for the living-space arts of Feng Shui and its ancient Indian counterpart, Vaastu Shastra, to help craft such a sanctuary. Designing homes that bring harmony to one’s life as well as are situated harmoniously within their natural surroundings delights us and is something we strive for in all of our designs.

Soft Lines

2 Sofas and 1 small table seeing out to a patio and outdoors

Home furniture and architecture, in general, are experiencing an emerging trend of soft, tastefully curved lines. Depending on how far it is taken, the effect can have a strange but uniquely fun, retro overtone; handled with finesse, a room furnished this way can be astoundingly inviting. Softer shapes and angles feel safe, friendly, and welcoming. 

Curved furnishings, walls, and ornamentations along these soft lines go well with warm neutral tones that brighten any space. Combine it all with luxuriously plush cushions, and your guests will immediately feel comfortable. Many are pleasantly surprised to see that their friends and family often copy the “plush” lifestyle in their own homes after experiencing it themselves. It’s a trend already spreading within the design community. We suppose everyone is eager for a little more comfort and gentleness as we look forward to what we hope will be new, softer horizons. 

Multi-Use Space

Colorfun living room featuring a spiral stair

Home décor trends of 2022 are rapidly evolving. More than ever, people are reimagining and recreating their homes into spaces conducive to their lifestyle and passions. Many have long valued the ability to make their home a space where their variety of interests can find full expression, driving an even greater emphasis on open living spaces and more flowing architecture with wider sightlines. Designing an area that can quickly morph from an entertainment center to an impromptu work or study area—and even a recreation and exercise space—is en vogue and easier than ever today.

Rocky Mountain property owners are especially familiar with how a vacation home getaway nestled into the mountains can quickly go from cozy to confining if not done with the most acute foresight and attention to space planning. Simple things like shelving, ladders, and platforms can offer versatility as well as function as room dividers. Designing ample storage solutions also helps to create a multipurpose space. Different items can be stored or pulled out, depending on the use the space is taking on at a given moment.

Our Clients Set the Trend

Shot of High end Kasia karska design home

A trend that never goes out of fashion is collaborating with our clients. Selectivity and depth of attention make Kasia Karska Design what it is. We aim for and achieve the most collaborative and deeply satisfying results—from architectural design and construction to interior design and furnishings. To do this, we provide exclusivity to a small number of clients each year to focus on meeting their exact vision with our highest standards of technical skill and aesthetics. We believe that creating a deeply restorative and harmonious sanctuary is the worthiest goal of any new custom home or remodel, and we do so with astounding levels of customization for each client. If you’re building or remodeling a new home in Colorado’s Vail Valley and find something inspiring in these home décor trends of 2022 (or have a uniquely stirring vision of your own), connect with us today. We can’t wait to meet you!