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Bold + Geometric Patterns within Fashion + Design

We just love how fashion and design are constantly influencing one another. There is an endless conversation taking place between the two. One such conversation that we are absolutely smitten over right now is the use of bold and geometric patterns in both the fashion world, as well as within the world of design.

Bold patterns make a statement, whether it’s on your floor or draped over your shoulders. It really allows a tailored personality to shine through.

We love the use of this black and white patterned geometric tiled floor:

Geometric Tile

Or this bold blue and white striped rug (and, truly, who doesn’t love the hat-clad poodle sitting stoically upon it):

Bold, Striped Rug with Hat-Clad Poodle

Then there’s these fantastic bold and geometric fabric samples that would make perfect custom pillows to accentuate certain colors in a room, as well as cleverly catch the eye:

Bold, Geometric Pillow Fabric Options

And, like we said earlier, we’re loving it in fashion too. Just recently we chose to update our company photos and all donned a bold, striped sweater variation (top photo). Again, those bold patterns, eye-catching lines, and geometric shapes are popping up all over the place. Both in the powder room and on your tee. Stamped across the kitchen floor and printed across your dress. So, continue keeping an eye out for all of these fun, eye-catching, drool-worthy patterns (we certainly will!). And, don’t be afraid to use them in your home and in your closet.

*Thanks Brent Bingham Photography for our new company photos!