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Indoor/Outdoor Space

Kasia Karska, owner and lead designer of her eponymous firm Kasia Karska Design leading architect in Vail Colorado, has a trademark design that all of her clients have loved over the years: indoor/outdoor space. When designing and then building a home from the ground up, Kasia almost always incorporates a seamless transition from the indoor space to the outdoor space.

Especially in the mountains of Colorado, with our beautiful weather in the spring/summer/fall and stunning views year-round, clients truly desire to have accessible, well-designed outdoor spaces as a part of their homes. The importance of a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor space allows for a home to feel like one large space instead of two smaller, broken-up spaces. 

Beautiful Sunset Outdoor Patio Space

Again, the harmonious indoor/outdoor space transition is desirable anywhere, but especially in our beautiful Colorado mountains with all the striking views and temperate weather. All of those perks make it a pleasure to be outside.

And, with the right furniture and accessories, your outdoor oasis can even become a cozy winter-time retreat. Just add a fire pit, some heaters, and some thick, warm blankets into the equation and you have a perfect respite for sipping hot cocoa and stargazing on a gorgeous winter’s night. And, obviously, your outdoor space can be a great place to entertain in the summertime! Especially if your indoor space is smaller than your outdoor space. It’s much simpler to add on a larger patio area and some durable outdoor furniture (tables, chairs, sectionals, ottomans, etc.) than to add square footage to the already existing footprint of your home. With the right patio space, hosting an incredible dinner party outside can be a breeze.

Shambala - Back Patio

The design process is key and, ideally, is best to execute prior to building a new home – in the initial design phase. This way, it is a seamless indoor/outdoor space transition (like you see in the photo above and other photos in this post). You want to make both spaces flow harmoniously and have similar design elements so that it all ties together. In doing so, you can create an even more functional home with a gorgeous outdoor space that, if you so desire, can be used year-round.

If you’d like to talk to us about an upcoming project of your own or anything else you have in mind, please reach out. We’re always here to help! And, you can go to our “About Us” page for more info about KKD.

Beautiful photography by: Brent Bingham Photography