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Love and Nurture in Design

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Juliet reflecting on our theme of Create,Love, Nurture in the Kasia Karska Design Gallery + Showroom Photo:

While the month of February revolved around love, in March, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day and women’s power to create, nurture, and love.  

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And, what if we extend those days or months of celebration into our everyday lives? Imagine a world full of nurturing and love, caring for one another beyond just one day of celebration. How can we do that?

Gift items from the Kasia Karska Design Gallery + Showroom in Eagle, Colorado.

When I was a little girl, my dad, who was also a doctor, cared for his patients 24/7. Yet he remembered to bring me flowers as a little girl — and the same went for my mother, grandmother, and all the women in his life. Aside from holding the very important role of raising children, women have been powerful in medicine, government, and other numerous male-dominated industries. Let’s celebrate women and bring flowers — and love — home all year long.  

Clothing from Remix Consignment Boutique in Edwards Riverwalk, Edwards, Colorado

In design, we can manifest love with red tones and shapes of hearts. We can nurture ourselves with soft fabrics, ambient light, incense, and delicious smells of home-cooked meals to nurture our souls. Joy and creativity can be manifested through color and form. At Kasia Karska Design, these are just some of the ways we’re doing that now.