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People Are Flocking to The Vail Valley, Colorado, and This is Why

The popularity of rural living is on the rise as more and more people are looking for a sustainable alternative to urban living. The world economy is embracing a completely digital, remote way of working, and the need to live in a business hub no longer exists. 

Work is becoming flexible and nomadic, and skilled professionals are moving to the outskirts of towns as they are discovering the benefits of living in smaller communities. 

Many are flocking to The Vail Valley in Colorado as they have fallen in love with the mountain landscape, open skies, and a clear sense of freedom. 

This area is quickly becoming a sought-after destination for those looking for a slower pace of living. The mountain air is just one of the reasons to move here – find out what the rest are!

Take a nice, deep breath 

The benefits of moving to The Vail Valley in Colorado are many. The fresh mountain air is incredibly revitalizing, and the scenery is breathtaking. Forget about traffic jams and smog, get used to clear open skies, and start the morning by taking a deep breath.

Don’t stress over utility bills 

The cost of living in The Vail Valley is much lower than in other areas of the country, making it a more affordable place to live. And while the popularity of the location does affect the living costs, The Vail Valley still doesn’t fall into the category of America’s most exclusive places. 

This is a welcoming community

The community in The Vail Valley is tight-knit, with many residents choosing to work together and support each other. Although the town of The Vail, which is the center of the municipality of The Vail Valley, was founded in 1966, the place feels like it has a much longer history.

There are plenty of charming shops and cafes in the area, as well as some wonderful restaurants that could quickly become your favorite places to eat.

If you love outdoor activities, this is the place for you

There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in The Vail Valley, Colorado – from hiking and camping to skiing and snowboarding. Several major winter sports events are also hosted here every year. 

We can’t forget river rafting! That’s another great pastime enjoyed by seasoned locals as well as newcomers.

But there is more to The Vail Valley than just outdoor activities. The area does have a rich cultural life and is the home of The Vail Valley Film Festival and Bravo! The Vail, an annual classical music festival.

Amazing real estate

The Vail Valley, CO, is growing in popularity, and real estate prices are rising. So if you are sure about moving here, act quickly! There are plenty of amazing houses on the market, designed in a style that matches the unique mountain scenery.

The weather is nice, too

The climate in The Vail Valley is mild, with all four seasons represented in their full features and the winter season being the highlight of the year. Skiing is definitely on everyone’s mind from December to March.

Moving to The Vail Valley will allow you to escape the stresses of city living and become closer to nature in a way that is simply not possible from behind the walls of an urban high-rise. 

If you are considering moving to the area, we can tell you it’s a sure bet. You can first come for a visit or two to get the true feeling of The Vail Valley, but we’re sure that soon, you’ll be calling this place your home!

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