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Project Funway: A Local Vail Event

Have you heard of “Project Funway?”

Project Funway is a local Vail Valley event that celebrates fashion and design in a very unique way: “This unconventional fashion event challenges amateur designers to create unique garments out of anything but fabric and send them down a runway to be critiqued by expert judges.”

And, the best part, it’s put on by local Education Foundation of Eagle County – E•ƒ(ec) – and all proceeds help fund E•ƒ(ec)’s mission “to support education and intellectual and emotional needs of students, especially focusing on school-based enrichment programs, mental health services, and efforts to recognize and retain top teacher talent.”

A local fashion event in our very own Vail Valley that is a fundraiser for a worthy cause, as well as bursting with creativity. Now that’s an event we can stand behind!

Being huge fans of fashion and design ourselves, we love seeing what Project Funway has in store. The 2019 event just took place a couple weeks ago and the designs from this year did not disappoint. The designers came up with some amazing pieces and we certainly noted the endless flow of inspired creativity. And, remember, they are all made out of anything BUT fabric!

Below is a selection of some of our personal favorites: 

**Photos by Brent Bingham Photography

Lindt Chocolate Wrappers:  Project Funway 2019 Girl in Wrappers Dress

Corn Husks:

Project Funway 2019 Girl in Corn Husk Dress

DVDs and CDs:

Project Funway 2019 Woman in CD Dress

Pine Cones:

Project Funway 2019 Woman in Pine Cone Dress

Paint Swatches:

Project Funway 2019 Girls in Paint Swatches Dresses

Soda Cans:

Project Funway 2019 Little Girl in Cans Dress


Project Funway 2019 Girls in Photo Dresses

Reused Paper:

Project Funway 2019 Girl in Dress


Project Funway 2019 Woman in Plastic Dress

Circular Designs Paper:

Project Funway 2019 Girl in Fan Dress

Paper with Paper Flower Embellishments:

Project Funway 2019 Girl in Flower Dress

Paper Receipts:

Project Funway 2019 Girl in a Dress

In conclusion, Project Funway really rings true to our hearts from both a fashion and design perspective, as well as making a difference in our community. If you love the creativity, ingenuity, and visual appeal as much as we do and are interested in being a part of Project Funway in the future (be it participating with your own design, as a sponsor, or just attending the event), you can find out all that great info on their site:

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